Premium Industrial Thinners (Xylene)

A very high-quality premium industrial thinner for use with Fast Dry Gloss, Machinery Enamel, Chlorinated Rubber, etc.
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Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Chlorinated Rubber is a flexible, hard-wearing coating with good resistance to water in both acid and alkaline conditions. It is resistant to immersion in the sea and freshwater but not recommended for drinking water tanks. *** (For a bespoke RAL colour, contact us using the contact tab below).

Fast Dry Micaceous Iron Oxide

Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) is a high build intermediate / finishing paint using the lamellar shape of the iron oxide to greatly enhance the barrier protection. It is a quick drying alkyd based paint pigmented with micaceous iron oxide and inert pigments.

Fast Dry Machinery Enamel

Fast Dry Machinery Enamel is an alkyd-based finish coat that provides a tough gloss finish and is resistant to oil. *** (For a bespoke RAL colour, contact us using the contact tab below).

Fast Dry Zinc Phosphate Primer High Build

Fast Dry High Build Zinc Phosphate Primer is an alkyd-based anti-corrosive primer with zinc phosphate pigments and inert fillers. Dry film is tough, hard, and has moderate chemical resistance, with excellent adhesion. It does not contain lead.