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Lynwood Window Scraper

Ideal for removing excess paint, stickers, and labels from glass and windows.

Lynwood X 5 Snap Knife Blades

For use with retractable knife and window scraper

Methylated Spirit

Bird Methylated Spirit is a denatured, mineralised alcohol for thinning and cleaning compatible products. Suitable for use with shellac-based blocking primers and finishes such as french polishes, button polishes, and knotting solutions. It is ideal for degreasing and removing sap and resin from knots in wood prior to the application of patent or white knotting.

Power PRO Sealant Gun - C4/400ML

The ultimate heavy-duty sealant gun, extra pull trigger, hook end, and swivel action barrel for both 310ml and 400ml cartridges.

Premium Industrial Thinners (Xylene)

A very high-quality premium industrial thinner for use with Fast Dry Gloss, Machinery Enamel, Chlorinated Rubber, etc.

Professional Sealant Gun - C4

Sturdy skeleton gun with a hexagonal rod, re-enforced ring, and hook end.

Prosol De-Ionised Water

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Sugar Soap Liquid - 500ML

Cleans & prepares surfaces before repainting. Removes grease to improve paint adhesion.

Superior White Spirit

For thinning solvent-based paint. Brush and general-purpose cleaning.

White Spirit (Low Odour)

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6 Artist Brushes

Pure bristle. For hobbies and crafts. Lines and stripes. General touch-up and trim work. Also fo ruse with paste and glue.

6 Flat Fitch Brushes

For stenciling, fine decorative work, also for use with paste and glue.

6 Round Fitch Brushes

For stenciling, fine decorative work, also for use with paste and glue.

Cellulose Thinners - 1 Litre

Bird Brand Cellulose Thinners is a premium grade solvent used for thinning cellulose paints and priming, cleaning brushes, and removing excess cellulose paint.

HQS Glitter Paint Aerosol - 400ML

Glitter paint is a clear base acrylic spray with coloured glitter. Maintains the initial colour of the object to be painted by adding a special effect of coloured beads. Surfaces to be painted: wood, steel, iron, plastic, aluminum. No polystyrene FEATURES: ease of use, ideal for creative work.

HQS Water-based Chalk Aerosol - 400ML

High coverage water-based opaque spray ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for furniture, chairs, vases, and many other furnishing items. Made in Italy.

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  • RAL 6029 Mint Green
  • RAL 7001 Silver Grey
  • RAL 7005 Mouse Grey
  • RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
  • RAL 7021 Black Grey
  • RAL 7031 Blue Grey
  • RAL 7035 Light Grey
  • RAL 7040 Window Grey
  • RAL 8007 Fawn Brown
  • RAL 8011 Nut Brown
  • RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown
  • RAL 9001 Cream
  • RAL 9003 Signal White