A hard durable, resistant finish for timber. Ideal for worktops, wooden bath panels, and chopping boards. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
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Oxide Gloss Enamel

Castle Paints Oxide Gloss Enamel Paint is suitable for weathered galvanised farm buildings and general steelwork. It can also be used on suitably prepared and primed wood. *** (For a bespoke RAL colour, contact us using the contact tab below).

W/S Metal Primer - Grey

W/S Zinc Phosphate Metal Primer is based on an oil alkyd resin with zinc phosphate pigments and inert fillers. It is ideal for industrial and agricultural use. All colours are lead-free and VOC compliant.


Cleans and polishes all wood surfaces. It is ideal for removing dirt or grime from banisters, kitchen surfaces, and furniture.

Creocote Timber Treatment - Dark

Creocote from Bird Brand is a ready-to-use wood preservative and surface biocide. Creocote preserves and protects timber from fungal attack, green algae growth, and decay. Protects timber from fungal attack. Help prevent decay. Can be used on sheds, fences, and other timber products